7 Things You Must Do Immediately After You Buy a Residential Property


You’ve bought a residential property?! Congratulations on the big moment!!

While everything is presumably in order, new furniture, new residential property, new wall decor, new furniture, new ambience, new energy and new happiness we hope the lesser noticed nuances of a residential property are not given a miss.

With all the more known things, the lesser known things are given a miss. Here’s our list on the 7 Things You Must Do Immediately After You Buy a Residential Property.

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This New Residential Property checklist will help you detail out the essentials and help keep things organized while you set yourself planning that awesome house warming party.

  1. Documents Are Very Important

    Make at least three copies of all the documents related to your new residential purchase. Keep the originals in the safest zone you could think of. Second copy should be easily accessible at home and a third copy should be with your insurance provider as he is the one who will be providing you the coverage. Apart from these physical photocopies, things today are largely digital. So please do maintain a digital copy of each document by scanning them. But make sure these digital copies are accessible only by you or by those whom you want to.

  2. All the Utility Documents Should Be in Your Name

    Very often the Residential Property, though sold, the utilities continue to be in the builders name. Basic utilities such as electricity and water should be under your name once you are the new owner of the new house. This might take some pursuing and chasing of the seller, but the formalities should be complete to and transfers done legitimately. Avirat Residential Properties are always transparent and clear in their dealings. You can see here some great 2 and 3 Bhk Homes.

    If not done now, it can become hard to trace the transferor later on. Therefore, to save on time and efforts, keep the transfer documents ready with you and get them signed as soon as the property purchase takes place.

  3. Update Change of Address on All Id Proofs and Necessary Documents

    This is a task often procrastinated and left pending forever. Though it may involve running from pillar to post or from one office to another, changing your residential address on all your significant documents must get done. Updating all the legal documents will put your life at comfort later on.

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  4. Your Door Locks Are Your Privacy and Security Guarantor

    All Residential Properties come with pre-fitted locks. These are your gateway to security and we recommend that you change all the locks of the house as soon as you get possession of your home. In event of you handing over keys to the interior designers or handy-men please ensure that you have additional padlocks that can be changed later or, save the changing of the lock for later. Residential Properties need to be protected and guarded well. In case of pass-code protected locks, the relevant changes need to be made.

  5. Keep Your Contact List Updated

    New Residential Properties mean new neighbourhoods. It becomes necessary that you have the contact details of a neighbourhood hospital, police station, fire station, medical shop, grocery store, electrical assistance, etc. Dont forget to build a support system and take phone numbers of your neighbours and new friends.

  6. Check All the Electricals

    Moving into a new home is one of the most ignored aspects. Get the entire electrical fitting cross checked. Leave no scope for short circuit or fuse, at your best. If you get the fans, air conditioner, lights or any other electrical equipment’s with the new home, get all of them checked for their functioning, guarantee and warranty. If required, electrical cables in your new residential home must be changed.

  7. Get to Know the Society Rules

    If you are moving into a new house in a new society, then visit the society admin office and learn about all the rules and regulations. These are fun and must to know sine you are a part of that community and thus, adding value is part of the entire process. If you are looking for great community places for live in, Affordable and Luxurious Housing Properties check out the current projects by Avirat Group.