How You Can Benefit by Investing in a Commercial Property?


Apart from the need to do so, people buy properties as an investment as well. This is a universally known and practiced fact! But then the question lies, whether you should invest in a commercial property or a residential property?

Most people prefer residential properties. But investing in a commercial property has its own rewards. Here are the top reasons how you can benefit by investing in a commercial property:

  1. Better return on investment

    In case of commercial properties you can tweak up the prices with little or no investment from time to time. In a residential property, return on investment is comparatively lower no matter how much you renovate the house. But parking the same amount of money is a commercial hub might give you a return of almost 12%-15%. This is guided by the fact that commercial properties prices are estimated by the market at which it is situated, even without spending money into renovation, you can get a bigger hike.
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  2. Steaming start-up

    Commercial industries are booming with the start-up revolution. Commercial spaces are thus in demand and that makes a very good reason to invest into commercial properties over residential. Demand equals good deals and more money!

  3. “Acche Din” effect

    With a development centric government, business has unarguably boomed up the global investor levels. A lot of changes have been proposed in the FDI norms fuelling strength in capital markets. Campaigns like “Make in India” are increasing demands of commercial real estate in our country.

  4. Better monetary return

    The percentage of monetary returns are comparatively higher in commercial properties than residential properties. In residential properties the return while selling the property will be higher but not so much. Where as in commercial office spaces the return will boom up.
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  5. Lesser risks

    Residential properties hold the risks of losing the bid sometimes if the factors related to the property lose the game. For example a lake next to the property is polluted or the locality turns dull then the prices of the property would fall. But commercial spaces do not face this problem usually.