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Commercial Property in Ahmedabad - Avirat Silver Radiance One

How You Can Benefit by Investing in a Commercial Property?

Apart from the need to do so, people buy properties as an investment as well. This is a universally known and practiced fact! But then the question lies, whether you should invest in a commercial property or a residential property? Most people prefer residential properties. But investing in a commercial property has its own rewards....
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2 & 3 Bhk Apartments and Residential Property - Avirat Silver Casa, Ahmedabad

7 Things You Must Do Immediately After You Buy a Residential Property

You’ve bought a residential property?! Congratulations on the big moment!! While everything is presumably in order, new furniture, new residential property, new wall decor, new furniture, new ambience, new energy and new happiness we hope the lesser noticed nuances of a residential property are not given a miss. With all the more known things, the...
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Top 5 Most Unique Corporate Offices in the World

Google Corporate Office – Tel Aviv, Israel Google has more than 70 corporate offices in 40 countries worldwide, but mountain view is home to the headquarters. As they explain on their website: “though no two Google offices are the same, visitors to any office can expect to find a few common features: murals and decorations...
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Silver Brook

Know The Difference Between Built Up And Carpeted Area

If you are new in this business of investing with regards to the Real Estate sector then, there are a few basic terminologies which you have to be familiar with before dealing in real estate. These terminologies are used in the market of Real Estate Industries, and it is vital to know the meaning of...
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Tips for First time Home Buyers

Ahmedabad metro to push city’s real estate market Buying a home is always a crucial decision, and not one that can be made without due consideration to several factors. While budget usually comes up on the top, the strategic location and physical infrastructure are also contributors. If we look at the city of Ahmedabad, the...
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Real Estate Ahmedabad

Changing Trends Real Estate Might Witness in 2017

Real estate market in India is witnessing transformation. Growth and focus of investors is shifting from bigger cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore to smaller ones such as Ahmedabad for investing in real estate. This has initiated the changing face of the real estate business in India. Here’s what we speculate the Changing Trends...
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How Technology Is Changing The Face Of Today’s Real Estate.

The global culture is propelling towards technology. But of course, the real estate market in India must adapt to the global culture. With urbanisation spreading like fire, the real estate sector is facing growing demand of modern, cutting edge transformations, along with innovation. To keep up with the pace, the real estate industry in India...
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