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Know The Difference Between Built Up And Carpeted Area

If you are new in this business of investing with regards to the Real Estate sector then, there are a few basic terminologies which you have to be familiar with before dealing in real estate. These terminologies are used in the market of Real Estate Industries, and it is vital to know the meaning of...
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How Technology Is Changing The Face Of Today’s Real Estate.

The global culture is propelling towards technology. But of course, the real estate market in India must adapt to the global culture. With urbanisation spreading like fire, the real estate sector is facing growing demand of modern, cutting edge transformations, along with innovation. To keep up with the pace, the real estate industry in India...
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Residential Property

5 Tips to Consider While Purchasing a New Home

Everyone dreams of a great home. Purchasing one is one of those life accomplishments that everyone wants to tick off the bucket list. So whatever your dream home looks like, there are these TOP 5 Factors To Consider While Buying A Home.
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