How Technology Is Changing The Face Of Today’s Real Estate.


The global culture is propelling towards technology. But of course, the real estate market in India must adapt to the global culture. With urbanisation spreading like fire, the real estate sector is facing growing demand of modern, cutting edge transformations, along with innovation. To keep up with the pace, the real estate industry in India is putting its ultra-effort to build apartments, offices and showrooms (search for top class showrooms in Ahmedabad here) that are using smart-technology.

Where a life without technology is now like an empty vessel, the real estate developers must try to fill in the vessel with innovative and efficient technologies, so as to provide the millennial with outstanding tech-savvy homes. Avirat Group has adopted various technologies and is up-to-date with times to embed the latest technology in its projects. As a real estate project is a long term investment and with smart technology homes rising up, the realty sector will continue to be in limelight forever.

Here’s How Technology Is Changing The Face Of Today’s Real Estate:

1. Modern Facilities
With technology entering homes, better facilities and more personalized services are offered to people. Fancier kitchen gadgets, eco-friendly electronics, personalized experiences in elevators, mechanized parking options, these are to name a few. Features and products traditionally reserved for only the most expensive properties in real estate are now also found in homes at most affordable prices. Affordable homes with latest amenities in Ahmedabad, Silver Brook, conceptualized by Avirat Group is open for booking.
2. Security Features
The primary concern of any buyer or tenant remains the issue of security. With the evolution of technology, security guards are being replaced with more vigilant CCTV Cameras, Facial recognition softwares are in place, punch in systems in the lobby area track the coming and going of people. Ahmedabad is picking pace and builders such as Avirat Group are beginning to offer these.
3. Apps
Most of the top builder sites have apps too technology that keeps you informed without having to do a thing. You’ll get notifications about new properties and listings that fit your search criteria. Plus, apps can help with your budget and quick access to agents and property managers. To stay connected with the Avirat Group, download its app here!
4. Virtual Tours
Going beyond photos, new software allows buyers and sellers to take a 3-D virtual tour of a residential or commercial property, making it feel as if you were walking through the space in person. A few years ago, this would all have been unfathomable but real estate businesses are doing everything possible to keep up with the developments. Virtual reality is offering some of the most exciting innovations.
5. Drones
Though these are in the trial stages and haven’t been commercially put to use, the possibility of using drones in the world of real estate are endless. These new generating drones will be capable of recording in high definition videos to produce state of the art visuals that can be used to produce top notch marketing material.
6. Big Data
With mined data, it is now possible to anticipate a prospective buyer’s next move making it easier for agents to segment their marketing efforts even further. With access to big data, realtors are able to send targeted messages to prospective buyers in certain geographic locations or specific stages of their buying process, relating directly to the buyers requirements.