Know The Difference Between Built Up And Carpeted Area


If you are new in this business of investing with regards to the Real Estate sector then, there are a few basic terminologies which you have to be familiar with before dealing in real estate.

These terminologies are used in the market of Real Estate Industries, and it is vital to know the meaning of each of them. It is crucial, especially for buyers, so that the real estate agents do not take advantage of you.

The primary measuring mediums in the Real Estate Industry are Carpet area, Built-up and the Super built-up. These are applied to calculate the area of any plot that you are thinking to settle for.

Carpet Area

As the very name suggests, Carpet area is nothing but the field of a house in which a full-fledged carpet can be laid. In more simple words, carpet area covers the entire floor area between the inner walls of the house. To make it even easier to understand this, it is the total area in a room which is usable. Please note that the carpet area is not inclusive of the area covered by stairs, floor corridors, play zones, lobby, community hall area, & so on. It has presently become a trend among realtors to only mention the Built-up or super built-up area and charge for the same. A total of around 70 % of the built-up area is carpet area. So, always base your decision on buying a house in the carpet area, as it gives you a fair idea about the available usable space.

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Built-Up Area

The built-up area is more than the actual carpet area by a minimum of 10 %. In simpler terms, the built-up is the total of carpet area and the amount of area covered by inner walls as well as the space covered by balconies, lawns, and terrace.

So, in conclusion, only 70% of the total built-up area (approximately) is the usable space of one unit. For instance, if the total built-up area is 900 square ft., it will leave you with the remaining or Carpet area of 630 sq. ft. which can be utilized by you. Luxurious homes at affordable rates are available at Silver Brook in Ahmedabad.

Difference Between Built Up And Carpeted Area

Super Built Up Area

It is calculated by adding the markup for common spaces to the built-up area. These common spaces include the ones on the floor (lifts, staircases etc) and those in the building (entrance lobby, electrical room, pump room, flower beds etc). Basically, it includes all the common amenities that are built, but not directly charged to the customer.