1. Google Corporate Office – Tel Aviv, Israel

    Google has more than 70 corporate offices in 40 countries worldwide, but mountain view is home to the headquarters. As they explain on their website: “though no two Google offices are the same, visitors to any office can expect to find a few common features: murals and decorations expressing local personality;”this is their Tel Aviv, Israel office.

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    Google Corporate Office - Tel Aviv, Israel
    Image Source: telegraph.co.uk
  2. Nothing Cardboard Corporate Office – Amsterdam, Netherlands

    There’s material. Then there’s unique material. Corporate offices can be bland, classy, sassy and bold. But then there are those that leave a mark. This office of Nothing located in Amsterdam certainly takes our breath away.

    Made entirely out of cardboard, this office is not only visually appealing but a refreshing choice of material for office spaces.

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    Nothing Cardboard Corporate Office - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Image Source: officesnapshots
  3. Trivago Corporate Office – Dusseldorf, Germany

    Trivago, a company that once hired an on-set Indiana Jones to promote its service in what has become a cult classic, has today one of the most envious offices in Europe! It is a popular tech startup that allows users to compare prices of hotels and booking sites and also share their traveling stories. Trivago’s headquarters are in Dusseldorf, Germany.

    It occupies six floors spread across two buildings and offers for its member’s many refreshing features such as yoga room, indoor climbing wall, and multiple beer fridges.

    Trivago Corporate Office - Dusseldorf, Germany
    Image Source: trivago
  4. Myntra Corporate Office – Bengaluru, India

    Also Myntra, A name synonymous with fashion in India is India’s largest e-selling website. I have a chic and stylish office upholding everything that it stands for. Vibrant, exciting and stylish, it screams fashion all over, this Bengaluru situated office is the superlative of fashionable.

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    Myntra Corporate Office - Bengaluru, India
    Image Source: thehindubusinessline
  5. Urban Outfitters Corporate Office – Philadelphia, USA

    First of all, On a shipyard of urban times, this office of urban outfitters is a corporate office marvel. Built in Philadelphia, its new campus is a space that brings together common areas like a cafeteria, coffee shop, library, fitness center, and courtyard. The old wooden charm of the shipyard, the steel structures, and brickwork has been salvaged and incorporated into the design.

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    Urban Outfitters Corporate Office - Philadelphia, USA
    Image Source: officesnapshots