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Residential | 4 BHK | Science City, Sola

Come home to one of the most appreciated 4 BHK residential schemes from the house of Avirat. Welcome to Silver Home. Located on Science City, Sola – a homeland to the group, this residential project was no less than any other project from the group. Be it in terms of amenities, features, locational advantages and the crowd… everything here was just like a common man could ask for.


Residential Plots 400 to 1000 Sq.Yard | Palodiya

After a thumping response to Sopan retreat this project was expected not just by the fraternity but also from the customers. Of those who missed out on the chance at the earlier residential plots scheme were definite to lay their hands on this one and were waiting eagerly. Even before the project was laid a huge buzz was found amongst the citizens who wanted to give themselves a break from their routine life and live their life on their terms. And as expected, Sopan Icon acted as a spa for their life and welcomed them with both hands.


Commercial Shops | Science City, Sola

The need now was for commercial spaces and shops. And being a customer oriented group that believes totally in customer satisfaction this project from the house of Avirat satisfied the unsaid demand of the customers. The result: as expected people thronged to this place and everyone of them wanted to lay their hand on these lively office spaces and shops… and as expected no one went home with an empty hand. Every personnel got a share to enjoy this classy project.


Residential | 4 BHK | Science City, Sola

With an aim to target very niche crowd Silver Crust appealed to all citizens who wanted to live in a distinctly different lifestyle. This 4 BHK residential project gave this area of Science city, Sola a new dimension altogether. Nothing was left untouched to make this project enter into the list of one of the most appealing residential scheme for the time to come. Loaded with amenities and feature Silver Crust today stands as an iconic landmark.


Residential | 3 BHK | Naranpura

After diversifying their verticals to all possible direction this 3 BHK residential scheme was formed in the area of naranpura. Sankruti was a result of high demand of homes in the area of naranpura considering the real estate boom the city was witnessing in those days. After making name for itself with almost every top notch real estate company in the city this scheme helped them make a special place: in the hearts of their customers.