Past Projects
54 projects
developed during
a period of 25 years
18 awards
for various projects across
the section of the industry
5 areas
developed by
being the first mover

Commerical Office| S G Highway Road

Prashwa – a commercial scheme on the SG Highway. Adding a new verticla to its portfolio this commercial set the time for the time to come. Everyone today knows what SG road stands for. The fact that it has been transformed to SG road from one being a highway says the leap of development it has taken. These commercial offices even today give its professionals that class and separate them from others.


Residential | 3 BHK | Thaltej

The first project from the house of Avirat. Gulab Park since it has been laid has served a landmark to the area of thaltej. These 3 BHK bungalows even today are known to have set new standards of luxury. This project proved to be decisive informing of the Avirat group as well as the area. It was after this scheme that the west of Ahmedabad saw new dawn, and even today it is an example for many other pieces of architecture that tries to compete with it within the area.


Resident Tenements | Motera

Shifting from apartments to the tenement, Jyoti Park was the first tenement project from the house of Avirat. Laid in Motera this scheme was waited eagerly by all citizens looking to settle in that area. A first of its kind in Motera, Jyoti Park from Avirat Group turned out to be a benchmark setter for many characteristics.


Residential | 2 & 3 BHK | Paldi

Coming out from their shell and progressing further the group this time turned towards the then heart of the city – Paldi. A residential 2 & 3 BHK scheme was necessary for them to prove their forte as an overall real estate developers not just for an area in specific but across the city. Supashwa in its time was a masterpiece that received a lot of accolades from experts across the industry. Today, it still serves out as a project that is benchmark to many up-coming developers.


Resident 2 & 3 BHK | Thaltej

The success of their first project had given the group enough impetus to form another landmark project now residential along with commercial in the same area and this time in the form of Gulab towers. It was this iconic residential scheme from the house of Avirat that sealed the fate of thaltej as an area to look forward to for the years to come. The result today is in front of everyone. Thaltej today has emerged as one of the most sought after year not just in the west of Ahmedabad but also in the entire city.